Fundraising policy

This policy delineates the relationship between necessary financial support for the Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism (the Center) and the Center’s mission and charter, which require editorial independence and a commitment to education.

The Center director retains full authority over this policy. He or she may reject financial support for any reason to protect the best journalistic and business interests of the organization.

The Center maintains complete separation between news coverage and revenue sources. Donors shall have no voice in the Center’s editorial decisions, and acceptance of financial support does not constitute endorsement of any funder’s products, services or opinions.

In the spirit of transparency, the Center will compile a complete list of donors each fiscal year and make the list available for public inspection through the Center website and other reports. The Center will accept gifts from neither anonymous donors nor political parties, elected officials, or others whose contribution may affect public perception of the Center’s independence or reputation.

The Center’s policies and practices regarding gift acceptance and sponsored programs (grants and contracts) are in accordance with those of Indiana University and the Indiana University Foundation:

Approved: June 26, 2020